Organic Rosehip Seed Oil / Natural Facial Oil / 30 ml 1 oz


IDEAL FOR : acne, oily, combination, mature skin.

reduce scars & damage
reduce pigmentation
vitamins a & c
reduce wrinkles
regulate sebum
improve elasticity

FEEL : light & silky
SCENT : mild & distinct
SINKS IN : about 3 minutes

FACE : apply 2-4 drops after any toners/serums while skin is still wet or you can add a couple drops to your face lotion. After it sinks in apply sunscreen for daytime.
FACIAL STEAM : mix with castor and/or safflower oil [high linoleic] to steam face. Run a clean towel under hot water and place over face to steam for a few minutes. Repeat then wipe off until clean.
HAIR : gently massage into scalp and leave on for a few hours pre-shampoo for scalp health.
HANDS : add a few drops to your hand cream overnight, or use as cuticle oil.
SPOT TREATMENT : for hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks, under eye circles.

SHELF LIFE : use within 3 months or refrigerate for up to 6 months. Always store natural oils in a cool, dark place.

A 30 ml bottle should last over 3 months if using 3 drops, twice daily.

[organic / 100% natural / cruelty free / vegan / gluten free / fragrance free / eco friendly packaging]